$200 Grocery Challenge: Week 3

It turns out that things didn’t go quite the way I had planned over the weekend. I haven’t started feeling well until today, so we ate out a little more than we originally intended. That said, we have still officially failed the challenge. Total spent on groceries so far is $328.  Okay, so maybe it […]


Chicken Noodle Soup with Udon Noodles

It’s definitely cold/flu and allergy season! Since the beginning of August, Prima has managed to get one virus or bacterial infection after the other. And over the past three weeks, both the Norseman and I have had one humdinger of a cold complicated by a yucky sinus infection. Our counter looks like a home pharmacy! […]


The Weekender: No. 25

Happy weekend, ya’ll! Now that Prima is (finally and hopefully) getting over the two month sickness epidemic, extended family matters have settled a bit, and I’m getting back into a nice routine at home, we can welcome back the Weekender! This is probably my favorite post, as I love, love, sharing links to interesting and […]


Rejoicing In Motherhood

I want to rejoice in motherhood. I don’t want to merely survive. I don’t want to become bitter and broken and feeling like I gave up so much good to serve these “little monsters.” I don’t want to regret becoming a mother. I don’t want to become a mommy martyr. I don’t want to be […]


$200 Grocery Challenge: Week Two

This week has been satisfactorily boring. As in, we haven’t ventured out to a grocery store except once, when I had to get tomatoes at the farmer’s market. I had prepped all of the veggies for last week’s Rainbow Noodle Salad, and failed to let the Norseman know they were not nicely prepared snacks. He […]


Foundations in Cooking: Baking Bread

  I earn a commission from Amazon for items purchased for links in this post. Links that direct to products on Amazon are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. So technically, baking is not cooking, as the Norseman contends that one is done in the oven, while the other is most definitely restricted to the […]


Crockpot Roast Chicken and Chicken Stock

  I earn a commission from Amazon for items purchased for links in this post. Links are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. Welcome to round two of Foundations in Cooking! Today we’re going to talk about roasting a whole chicken in a crockpot, then moving on to create a stock from the leftovers. It […]

Announcing The Monetization of Our Site

This is a quick announcement to let you know that we have decided to try monetizing our site with the Amazon Affiliate program, and referral links to products or services that we use and recommend. We will not ever display ads on our website, or pop-ups, as we both feel strongly that those are unprofessional and […]

Back from Break

We’re back, and with a new look! Unfortunately, it seems like the new theme is not playing as nicely with pictures as the last one (you get what you pay for, in this case, free.) I’ll be going through and updating the posts, but that won’t be a high-priority, so for a bit you’ll get […]