Back from Break

We’re back, and with a new look! Unfortunately, it seems like the new theme is not playing as nicely with pictures as the last one (you get what you pay for, in this case, free.) I’ll be going through and updating the posts, but that won’t be a high-priority, so for a bit you’ll get […]

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Blogging Break and Other News

  Hi all! I want to drop a quick note to tell you that I am on blogging break until August 21. We started some deep cleaning/purging/organizing projects, planning a preschool schedule for Prima, and I am getting ready to start back in classes, amongst other things. So it’s a bit chaotic around here, and […]

The weekender

The Weekender: No. 24

Happy, happy weekend! I’m so excited about this weekend. It means August is just around the corner. And that means new things for the blog (officially!), starting “school” planning for Prima (more on that to come), prepping for my own back-to-school, a refresh on goal setting with my PowerSheets (on sale – go grab some!), […]


Create a Vehicle Maintenance Binder

Vehicle maintenance binders are something we used for our fleet vehicles at the company I used to work for. I’m guessing most companies that use fleet vehicles have some sort of maintenance logs. I’ve meant to create one for several years, for myself, but never got past some half-hearted attempts. We’re just beginning another round of […]

The Weekender

The Weekender: Vol. 23

This week was a full one. I got the chance to do a lot of reading and studying for my personal benefit, and we picked up my brother on Friday, who gets to spend all weekend with us – meaning jam-packed with activities! And Prima has been so busy, all over the place, pulling up […]


Why We Chose Montessori Education, Part 2

Last week I wrote about what we wanted for Prima (and future children) educationally. This week, I’m discussing how we believe that a Montessori education will help us meet those goals. A couple of notes before we dive in. We do not plan to homeschool for high school. I don’t feel comfortable with it, and […]


Pork Carnitas Pizza

I recently started making pizza every Friday night, in order to save some money in our restaurant budget. It’s been fun making up toppings based on what we have in the fridge, which is how this one was created. We had left over pulled pork, and a wealth of onions from our CSA. And we had […]

The Weekender

The Weekender: Vol. 22

I don’t know about you, but this has been a hard week for us. Sometimes, as you do the right thing, as you step out in faith, it feels wrong. Life begins to crash down around you, situations whirl out beyond your control, and “good luck” seems to have fled. Sometimes, many things happen at […]


How to Eat Cheap, but Healthy Meals

Buy meat in large portions or packages, then split it up and freeze it. For larger cuts like whole chickens, roasts, and pork loins, you can either cook it before hand, then package the meat, or you can cut it into smaller portions. What you don’t want, especially if you are single, is to pull out […]